LRBHO Hardware Kit

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Category: Hardware
: N/A
: Pistol Cal
: N/A
BBL Length
: N/A
: N/A
Magnification Range
: N/A
Tube Size
: N/A
: N/A
: N/A


  • Manufacturer:New Frontier Armory
  • Model: Spare Part -- LRBHO Hardware Kit

Spare Part for New Frontier Armory uppers with the LRBHO feature. (This kit is a spare part only,NOT intended for uppers without the New Frontier Armory LRBHO feature.)

Once assembled the small “hook” end of the wire form in the upper should be pushed up by the follower of an empty Glock magazine which will engage the bolt catch on the last round fired to hold the bolt in the locked position. If it does not engage, or engages before the last round is fired you can make VERY SMALL adjustments by SLIGHTLY bending the “hook” end down to lock faster or up to lock slower. They are set and function checked during assembly with brand new Glock magazines and our standard bolt catches. Because of varying magazine specs, magazine specs changing over the life of the product, different thicknesses of the pad on the bolt catch and other variables, this adjustment may be necessary with your specific parts.

The New Frontier Armory Spare Part -- LRBHO Hardware Kit is proudlyMADE IN THE USAby hard working American men and women.

Weight: 0.10 LBS
Dimensions: 2.00 x 1.00 x 0.10 in
Size: N/A
Color: N/A
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