BOSS Series


A Tribute to Our Founder,

David M. Famiglietti (Guido) 

January 23, 1980 - March 5, 2019


Introducing the "BOSS" production series - a line of rifles inspired by the golden age of Las Vegas and its notorious mob bosses. Imagine the bright lights of Sin City, the thrill of the casinos, and the power of the mobs. Now, picture yourself holding an AR-15 that embodies all of that old-school charm, a rifle THE BOSS's would be proud to own!

The BOSS series AR-15 is not only a nod to the golden age of the city of sin, but also a tribute to our late founder, The Boss, David M. Famiglietti (Guido).

David founded New Frontier Armory with the goal of providing the best products and services to the firearms community, and his legacy lives on through our commitment to innovation and quality.

The BOSS series is the result of years of hard work and passion, and it shows in every detail. From its state-of-the-art design to its unmatched performance, this line is a true shooter's dream come true.