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80% Lower Receivers

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80% Lower Receivers

Available Models:

C-4 (5.56 billet) **Limited qty available, will be discontinued once sold out!

G-15 (5.56 forged)

C-9 (9mm/.40 cal billet)

C-9 (9mm/.40 cal billet) California Compliant

C-45 (.45/10mm billet)

C-5 (9mm MP5 mag billet)

C-6.8 (LWRC 6.8 mag billet)

G-4 (5.56 billet, Gen 2)

G-9mm (9mm billet, Gen 2)

G-10 (.308 billet, Gen 2)


  • Machined from 7075-T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum or 6061 forgings
  • Tumbled in ceramic media — Ready for blasting and your choice of firearm coating once you complete the machining
  • Compatible with all standard AR-15 components and magazines and most aftermarket parts
  • Manufactured to MILSPEC on state of the art CNC equipment for consistent quality parts and exacting tolerances
  • Save money by building your own AR-15 rifle from the ground up exactly the way you want it configured


All GCA and NFA rules apply when you complete this project. Please ensure you fully understand your local and federal laws before completing this 80% blank into a functioning receiver. New Frontier Armory will not be held responsible once this blank is altered in any way.

Weight: 1.05 LBS
Dimensions: 8.00 x 4.00 x 2.00 in

Reviews (5)

80% lower

Written by Stephen H. on 9th Sep 2023

I have bought finished and even a couple blem lowers from NFA but I wanted a blank lower to try engraving myself. This seemed like the easiest way to get just one plain lower. I have bought raw lowers from them also and they arrive grit blasted, pretty much ready for Cerakote. The 80% lowers are smooth and need to be grit blasted after you mill them out before you apply a finish. I like the style of their Gen 2 lowers, they are unique with the finger rest cut and the lightening cuts in the sides. Milling the pocket for the trigger wasn’t too difficult, I used their 80% jig to hold it in an old manual mill I have. I went really slow so I wouldn’t make a mistake and I spent nearly five hours start to finish. I used a drop in trigger to check the fit and function, everything worked like it should. Went ahead and assembled it before painting so I could try it at the range. Mags are a little tight, might need to lightly sand polymer mags if you need them to drop free. I might do another one, they are fun to do. Need to pull it back apart and work on the engraving now.


Written by Lon Mathis on 4th Sep 2023

As always package like Fort Knox, and again as always, I cannot find the blend. Shipping was very fast. I ordered on Friday and have it the following Thursday. I was amazed.

Excellent product

Written by Fred wallin III on 15th Apr 2023

Looks great and finished my build.

C5 & c45

Written by George B. on 4th Apr 2023

Bought the C5 & C45 and they seem to be great quality. Machined them and everything went fine. For the C5 stick with metal mags. Tried 2 different brands that were polymer and they are really tight, like you have to yank them out. No drooping out unless modified, not a big deal but also not necessary with steel mags.

Lower receiver

Written by Jason on 30th Mar 2023

Fast shipping, nicely machined

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