Team NFA Ambassadors

  Join the Elite Community of New Frontier Armory Ambassadors and Showcase Your Passion for Shooting Excellence


If you would like to join our team of Ambassadors, please send your resume and a few sentences about yourself to:





Tracy Lee




Tracy Lee has many years of firearms training experience with some of the top instructors in the industry. She is an aspiring stunt actor and has a passion for  firearms.  Tracy is a Las Vegas local and loves  being involved in the 2A community in anyway she can. Outside of firearms, she is a professional photographer who loves to roller skate, train Muay Thai, hike, camp, travel, snowboard, 2 step, and hang out with her dog!




 Nathan Quinn




Nathan Quinn spent over 9 years in the U.S. Army in both the infantry and the Special Operations Community. During that time, he developed a passion for pursuing improvement in the applications of marksmanship. He is also a competitive shooter in both USPSA and 2-gun matches.





Elizabeth Radke 



 Elizabeth is an avid firearms enthusiast who has been shooting for 6 years. She is a certified pistol and rifle instructor and leads a local chapter of Armed Women of America. With her husband, Elizabeth runs a firearms training academy called Para Bellum Research Lab where they teach classes to civilians, military, and law enforcement. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys shooting bow, hunting, and gardening.





  Darik Boutsaboualoy  




Darik is an engineer by profession and an avid shooter and hunter. He has been involved with firearms for 8 years and recently found a new passion in competition. Darik primarily shoots steel challenge and open to where it might take him in the future. Some of his other passions are aviation, as he has a private pilot license for single engine planes. 





James Harmer          





"I am an avid competitor in both work and play. At work I stand with those in need of expert labor relations representation, political prowess and legal strength. In the shooting sports I seek to achieve personal growth and be welcoming to those looking for the same, while actively advocating for the freedoms guarantied by the second amendment through safety, education, competition and legal advocacy. Although top finishes, in division by class, are amazing to achieve in both local and major competitions, I look to achieve personal skill growth while supporting others along their journey."  



Larry Simon 









Larry spent 14 years in the U.S. Air Force, he qualified on multiple weapons before becoming a medic. He is an NRA Certified Training Counselor for multiple
disciplines, enjoys the outdoors, and a Scout leader. Larry is an instructor at Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club where he also teaches Junior Shooters the skills of
marksmanship. He is a North Las Vegas local working in the Information Technology field and studying for his part 107 drone pilot license.