California Middle Man Service


California Middle Man Service

Good for ONE firearm transfer INCLUDING shipping



Need a firearm you bought online shipped to California but the seller won’t ship there?  We can Help!!

***NOTICE!!!!  Before purchasing this service, be sure to have tracking info from the vendor you purchased the firearm from.  Some vendors refuse to ship to an FFL located in a state other than California, therefore making it impossible for this service to take place.  To avoid the need for a refund minus credit card fees, order this service after you’ve received tracking info. 

For liability reasons, we are no longer separating receivers and sending them to different locations (FFL and Home separately). Customer must confirm with their FFL that they will be willing to accept disassembled firearms prior to placing your order.

When you purchase this service we will receive a firearm you buy from a vendor that refuses to ship to your local firearms dealer in California.  We then log it in, complete the proper paperwork for transfer to your local California FFL, log it out to them, repackage it, ship it, and send you the tracking information.  The price includes shipping charges from us to your FFL.  ***THE FIREARM(S) MUST BE ON THE DOJ APPROVED ROSTER. IT IS THE CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE OF LEGALITY PRIOR TO HAVING A FIREARM SENT TO US,  ANY FIREARMS NOT ON THE APPROVED ROSTER WILL BE SUBJECT TO TRANSFER FEES AND ANY APPLICABLE SHIPPING CHARGES***

If the firearm(s) you are wishing to use this service for require disassembly that would also be included in this price; HOWEVER, any parts or locks that are required are NOT included in this price.  If any part of the shipment (non-firearm parts & accessories) need to ship to a separate address, additional shipping and handling charges will apply.

If you find the parts you need in the CALIFORNIA COMPLIANT PARTS section of our website you can add them to your cart along with this service and we will install them free of charge before shipping.  If we do not carry the specific parts you need to convert your firearm you will be responsible for sending them to us with a reference to your order number.

During the checkout process, please add in a customer note and provide the following info:

  • What firearm(s) we should be expecting?
  • What disassembly (if any) is required?
  • What compliance parts (if any) need to be installed?
  •      (Please note:  Some requested work may incur additional gunsmithing fees that will be separately invoiced)
  • What FFL would you like us to re-ship the firearm to?


Remember, this is good for one firearm, so if you ship multiple firearms be sure to add multiple items of this service to your cart before checking out!!

Terms and Conditions:

Customers have 60 days to provide New Frontier Armory with an order showing purchased Middle Man Service, any compliance parts necessary, and any instructions for our Gunsmith. Firearms received for service without an associated order will be returned to the seller/distributor at customers expense. We understand that issues may arise, in which case customers may contact us at [email protected] within that 60 day window.



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