Magpul AR Armorer’s Wrench


  • Manufacturer: MAGPUL
  • Model: AR Armorer’s Wrench
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  • Manufacturer: MAGPUL
  • Model: AR Armorer’s Wrench

American-made, solid steel construction with grip-enhancing phosphate finish engages both stock and pin-style barrel nuts. Fits standard size flash hiders. Installs and removes rifle receiver extensions and carbine castle nuts, with extended teeth for use with ASAP plates. Two hammer faces. Works with 1/2″ torque wrench, relevant torque specifications included on Wrench for quick reference. Convenient Bottle Opener for refreshments after the build is complete (fits both Metric and SAE bottle caps.)


  • American-made with US steel
  • Heat-treated steel construction with manganese phosphate finish
  • USGI barrel nut wrench
  • Free-float tube barrel nut wrench
  • 1/2″ torque wrench/breaker bar interface
  • Armorer’s hammer
  • Rifle-length/Entry-length receiver extension wrench
  • USGI castle nut wrench*, usable with aftermarket end plates such as the ASAP® and ASAP®-QD
  • 3/4″ wrench for most flash hiders/muzzle brakes
  • USGI torque spec references
  • Bottle opener



The MAGPUL AR Armorer’s Wrench is proudly MADE IN THE USA by hard-working American men and women.

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Weight 1.143 lbs
Dimensions 13 × .75 × 2.25 in


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