T91 4-Position Full Auto LPK (Burst AND Auto)

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Category: Lower Parts Kits
  • Manufacturer:Taiwan
  • Model: T91 4-Position Replacement Lower Parts Kit
The T91 4-Position Lower Parts Kit Replacement Set includes all small parts & grip assembly to completely rebuild registered M16 receivers to be able to fire both burst and auto.

Positions fired from standard M16 are as follows: SAFE, FIRE, 3-rd BURST, AUTO

The following are also included:

T-91 Fire Control Trigger Group

  • T-91 Trigger
  • T-91 Burst and Auto Disconnector
  • T-91 Hammer
  • T-91 Burst Clock Gear and spring
  • T-91 Sear
  • T-91 Sear Pin
  • Geissele Slave Pin for ease of installation
All new manufactured in Taiwan. These are the exact parts that the Taiwanese military use in their standard issue T-91 carbines. The T-91 is a rifle that uses a standard AR-15/M-16 lower and a modified piston driven upper. These parts should work in any M-16 cut lower receiver.

***NOTE: These LPKs can be legally sold to retail consumers, dealers, and manufacturers, and are meant to be used as replacement parts for registered receiver weapons and post sample builds only. All NFA Rules Apply and New Frontier Armory, LLC, will not be liable for any illegal use or misuse of this product nor will we provide any legal advice as to your city, county, or state regulations on possession of this product.

***NOTE:On certain lower receivers, the overtravel "nubs" for the safety selector may have to be machined down or off entirely to allow for the 4th position to be selected.

New Frontier Armory is the exclusive retailer/dealer for these parts for the entire United States. New Frontier Armory expects steady flow of parts kits into the US, however, due to international affairs, out of stock ETAs may be difficult to estimate.


Weight: 0.75 LBS
Dimensions: 4.00 x 4.00 x 1.50 in
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